Day 4: Thursday: Cooler....Finally!

The weather is cooler today, which is great for some intensive basketball and we are very excited to have the arrival of a special guest that will offer some intensive athlete training. Camp Director: Joey Seber
Head Coach: Jason Maki

Words from Joey Seber reflecting on the camp week:

Hello everyone this is Joey Seber the Camp Director. First of all I cannot believe it’s already Thursday! This has been one of the most amazing camps in the history of Dudley Camp. As I am writing this , I’m sitting in the most incredible place, it just doesn’t get better than this. My view is the forest and basketball courts; I get choked up thinking how long it takes to prepare for camp and how fast camp week has gone and to think this time tomorrow it will be over. With Chris having been involved in the diabetes community, we have been blessed and honored with many guests for this year. Today Dr. Matt Corcoran, an exercise specialist and his two trainers Michelle and Nancy and they will be bringing many elements of athlete training to everyone here at camp. We look forward to their arrival!

Their here!!!!

Let's give them 5 claps!

Diabetes Training Camp comes to the CDBC

Dr. Matt Corcoran, an expert on diabetic exercise, spoke to the campers and staff alike about the importance of a healthy exercise regiment. The endocrinologist says that his inspiration comes from his niece who was diagnosed when she was 3 years old. Dr. Corcoran started the Diabetes Training Camp to help diabetics exercise while being sympathetic and aware of their needs. Through Dr. Corcoran’s carpe diem attitude, he stresses the importance of getting to know your own body and to always shoot for your wildest dreams. Campers and staff all had a chance to go through the Diabetes Training Camp workout. Because of the high intensity of the workout and the fun time that everyone had, I would call Dr. Corcoran’s visit a big hit and a great success.

As always, the CDBC Wednesday talent show brought a lot of smiles and laughs. Trevor Meacham and friends showed off their boy band dance moves as they danced to Bye Bye Bye, by NSYNC. Staff members, Tyler Byrne, Ben Rue and Grady Kestler played several songs for all of camp. The Counselors and Coaches performed their own hilarious skits to end our.

Thursday brought the always glorious occasion of Canada day to CDBC. We started off the coolest day of the week with some stretching and campers took part in the Canada run through the Vernonia woods paying tribute to our Canadian coach, Coach Street and his lovely wife Peggy.

Coach Gibby Coach Maki with Peggy

and Coach Munson

Coach Wagenblast giving the thumbs up!
We miss you Larry and Peggy!

Thursday’s splash contest was the best contest I have seen in the 9 years I have been here. The scores were neck and neck in all three categories. (style, volume and pain.) The pain category was especially fun to watch however. All three contestants, Big Mike, Coach Shankopotomous and Sam Dudley (Chris Dudley’s 7 year old son) executed perfect belly-flops and received perfect scores for their courageous efforts.

Big Mike you did it again!!!!


Day 3: CDBC is going way to fast!!

As usual we started the day with stretch and warm ups the favorite part of the kid’s day, NOT!But somehow the coaches make it fun. They emphasized on ball handling and passing today. We have been blessed with great weather so far…..

Can anyone slow down this week; we don’t want it to end??????

One-on-One with Chris Dudley
This is a time in the week where he sits down with the younger kids on the court and talks about his life with diabetes and when he was diagnosed. These were the highlights:
1.) Chris made managing his diabetes his number one priority. He spoke of his routine before a game and expressed the importance
2.) He believed in his self, set goals and held onto his dream of playing pro basketball despite not making the HS varsity basketball team his junior year.
3.) He expressed he NEVER used diabetes as an excuse for not performing his best either in academics or athletics. He never gave up when things got tough, even when he wanted too.
And finally, BIG #4 – He made a commitment to his self to give back once he became successful. This camp is one example of that promise.

He challenged the kids to make a dream as he did when he was their age regardless of how big the dream may be. To believe and dream was the focus of his talk. He shared with the kids that even if you don’t reach your dream, you will discover and gain wisdom and life experiences for a successful life. He emphasized that you don’t have to let diabetes get in the way of your dream.

The day ended with a talent night that was absolutely hilarious! Make sure and ask your camper about what happened!
Word on the street is that we will be having a surprise guest on Friday......
More great times to come tommorow with a special guest that specializes in Diabetes and intense exercise, should be some great stuff and very educational!
Hope you are having a great week, I know we are too!


Today we had an amazing opportunity to listen and learn from the legendary basketball coach Herb Brown. He is currently the assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats with his brother Head Coach, Larry Brown. Herb has also served as an assistant coach for several teams, including the Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, and Atlanta Hawks. He talked and showed us about the importance of defensive positioning and how he teaches the same things at the high school level as he does in the NBA. NBC - KGW network was out at camp to capture & share a day at Dudley Camp for kids with diabetes. Check out the footage!

During free time, we held a beach volleyball tournament in which “Team Awesome” edged out “The Sand Crabs” in the championship 21-17. We also had the infamous Slip n Slide making its debut, all campers and staff are looking forward to tomorrow at free time. Ben Rue led the counselors to a back to back victory in pass tag twice. In one of the most intense matches CDBC has ever seen, Rue took down 20 or more campers in ball tag with the help of Jordan Kono.
Kari Burn’s and her band were gracious to come and hang out with the campers and play some country music for all of us. We danced to tunes like Sweet Home Alabama. Grady Kestler a staff member played the violin and David Schafer (T-1000) played the drums.
Kari Burns is one of 17 members of the band.
T1000 jamming with the band!

Grady performing with the band.

We have some incredible talented kids! They are amazing!

Tomorrow is another exciting day at Dudley Camp……stay tuned!!

Update: We are experiencing...

Technical difficulties!

We deeply apologize about the delay in our CDBC blog postings. Internet connections – out in Vernonia – have been scattered & poor! We are working hard to keep you updated… thank you for your patients.

Please keep checking back.


Day 1: Monday at CDBC

We started the day with basketball stations to take their games to the next level. The kids participated in different drills focusing on defensive skills. We have a very high level of talent this year and its been fun watching the competition.

Guest speaker Jeff Bannink, a member of Team Type 1, a cycling team of athletes with diabetes, came to talk to us about his experiences during Race Across America and his expedition to raise money for diabetes research. Team Type 1 finished the race in 5 days, an all time record for the competition! After a day packed full of games, many had a water balloon fight and all got soaking wet. Others enjoyed their time in the pool to cool off after a day of basketball.

Tyler Byrne was a past camper and now staff member of the CDBC and presented his award-winning short film "Extension" inspired by living with type 1 diabetes. The film was Tyler's senior thesis in film and was well received by screening audiences. Tyler drew inspiration for the film from his own experiences with diabetes.
Also check out his non-profit organzation that has supported the CDBC scholarship program for the past 2 years at diabeteshappens.com.


CD Basketball Camp 2009 - Introducing...

Hello Parents, family & friends,

My name is Cody Jones and I would like to introduce myself. I am the Activities Director at the 2009 Chris Dudley Basketball Camp. I was blessed to be a camper for 8 years and this will be my second consecutive year as the Activities Director for the camp. I graduated from Torrey Pines High School, (Chris Dudley’s Alma Mater) in June and I will be attending Saint Mary’s College in the fall. During the week of camp I plan activities outside of basketball. Activities like: volleyball tournament, splash contest, talent show. My goal is to help kids to connect with one another and create lasting memories at the CDBC.
This year the camp is introducing a new blog, called “the Diabetes Factor” which I have been selected to post daily updates of camp activities. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy sharing with you!
The goal for the blog is to give parents, friends & family daily updates of “all things Dudley” throughout the week. The plan throughout the week is to post updates of big events, special guest speakers, pictures as well as other unexpected treasures that always seem to happen throughout a week at camp. It is going to be another great week at the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp for kids with diabetes, look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

See you in 2 days!!

An Evening In The Garden

Stan & Patty Dollar hosted a wonderful wine & cheese night in their beautiful garden, with proceeds going to CDF. It was a warm and humid night, not your traditional Oregon weather, however that did not stop friends, family and co-workers from supporting the Dollar's.

Patty, Stan Dollar & Karri Duncan - the evening hosts!

The Dollar's garden was manicured to perfection. As the sun set tiki torches created the perfect lighting to compliment the wine & cheese. And the company was delightful, making the evening in the garden one to remember! A big thanks to those who sponsored the evening!


Pacific Program Management


LiLLie Belle Farms


Grand Avenue Floral


2009 past events-

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center Fun Run - Pendleton, OR

CDF teamed up with Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center to celebrate their 31st annual Fun Run! A little rain fall did not stop runners and walkers of all ages from the fun! Runners completed 9 miles and the walkers completed 1 mile or 2.5 miles! Chris Dudley spoke on "Controlling your own destiny". Watch Chris' speech.

Lights - Camera - Active - video contest
CDF created the 1st YouTube video contest for all ages! We asked kids, teens, young adults & adults to send us a short video of them living active with diabetes! Weather they play soccer, skateboard, dance or act in their community plays!

The winner ... check out Jack & Ross' winning video!

2008 was a busy year!
The Chris Dudley Foundation was involved with a variety of events, fundraisers & speaking engagements.
September- JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes- Portland, OR
CDF supports local chapter with "Team Dudley" walking & raising funds for Oregon & SW Washington chapter.
Kari our team cheerleader - gets the crowd going!

Chris Dudley- Celebrity emcee, cutting the opening ribbon to start the walk! August- Chris Dudley Basketball Camp - Vernonia, OR
CDF put on the 13th year of camp!

Kids from all over the country came out for another week of basketball & fun!

August- Annual BBQ Rib-OFF Fundraiser- Beaverton, OR

Local family put on the 1st annual BBQ fundraiser to support CDF

The local community came together to donate supplies & sponsor this event. BBQ Rib-Off competition, Hot Rod cars and wonderful auction items made this fundraiser a huge success!
July- CWD Friends for Life Conference - Orlando, FL
Chris Dudley - Spokes Person for ACCU-CHEK kicked off the conference

Chris Dudley spoke to Teens, Adults in different sessions on a variety of topics: "Inspiration & Determination", "Experiences" & "Bringing it All Together"

April - JDRF Hope Gala- Portland, OR
Chris Dudley- Celebrity Emcee
The CDF Crew & table