Day 4: Thursday: Cooler....Finally!

The weather is cooler today, which is great for some intensive basketball and we are very excited to have the arrival of a special guest that will offer some intensive athlete training. Camp Director: Joey Seber
Head Coach: Jason Maki

Words from Joey Seber reflecting on the camp week:

Hello everyone this is Joey Seber the Camp Director. First of all I cannot believe it’s already Thursday! This has been one of the most amazing camps in the history of Dudley Camp. As I am writing this , I’m sitting in the most incredible place, it just doesn’t get better than this. My view is the forest and basketball courts; I get choked up thinking how long it takes to prepare for camp and how fast camp week has gone and to think this time tomorrow it will be over. With Chris having been involved in the diabetes community, we have been blessed and honored with many guests for this year. Today Dr. Matt Corcoran, an exercise specialist and his two trainers Michelle and Nancy and they will be bringing many elements of athlete training to everyone here at camp. We look forward to their arrival!

Their here!!!!

Let's give them 5 claps!

Diabetes Training Camp comes to the CDBC

Dr. Matt Corcoran, an expert on diabetic exercise, spoke to the campers and staff alike about the importance of a healthy exercise regiment. The endocrinologist says that his inspiration comes from his niece who was diagnosed when she was 3 years old. Dr. Corcoran started the Diabetes Training Camp to help diabetics exercise while being sympathetic and aware of their needs. Through Dr. Corcoran’s carpe diem attitude, he stresses the importance of getting to know your own body and to always shoot for your wildest dreams. Campers and staff all had a chance to go through the Diabetes Training Camp workout. Because of the high intensity of the workout and the fun time that everyone had, I would call Dr. Corcoran’s visit a big hit and a great success.

As always, the CDBC Wednesday talent show brought a lot of smiles and laughs. Trevor Meacham and friends showed off their boy band dance moves as they danced to Bye Bye Bye, by NSYNC. Staff members, Tyler Byrne, Ben Rue and Grady Kestler played several songs for all of camp. The Counselors and Coaches performed their own hilarious skits to end our.

Thursday brought the always glorious occasion of Canada day to CDBC. We started off the coolest day of the week with some stretching and campers took part in the Canada run through the Vernonia woods paying tribute to our Canadian coach, Coach Street and his lovely wife Peggy.

Coach Gibby Coach Maki with Peggy

and Coach Munson

Coach Wagenblast giving the thumbs up!
We miss you Larry and Peggy!

Thursday’s splash contest was the best contest I have seen in the 9 years I have been here. The scores were neck and neck in all three categories. (style, volume and pain.) The pain category was especially fun to watch however. All three contestants, Big Mike, Coach Shankopotomous and Sam Dudley (Chris Dudley’s 7 year old son) executed perfect belly-flops and received perfect scores for their courageous efforts.

Big Mike you did it again!!!!

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