Day 3: CDBC is going way to fast!!

As usual we started the day with stretch and warm ups the favorite part of the kid’s day, NOT!But somehow the coaches make it fun. They emphasized on ball handling and passing today. We have been blessed with great weather so far…..

Can anyone slow down this week; we don’t want it to end??????

One-on-One with Chris Dudley
This is a time in the week where he sits down with the younger kids on the court and talks about his life with diabetes and when he was diagnosed. These were the highlights:
1.) Chris made managing his diabetes his number one priority. He spoke of his routine before a game and expressed the importance
2.) He believed in his self, set goals and held onto his dream of playing pro basketball despite not making the HS varsity basketball team his junior year.
3.) He expressed he NEVER used diabetes as an excuse for not performing his best either in academics or athletics. He never gave up when things got tough, even when he wanted too.
And finally, BIG #4 – He made a commitment to his self to give back once he became successful. This camp is one example of that promise.

He challenged the kids to make a dream as he did when he was their age regardless of how big the dream may be. To believe and dream was the focus of his talk. He shared with the kids that even if you don’t reach your dream, you will discover and gain wisdom and life experiences for a successful life. He emphasized that you don’t have to let diabetes get in the way of your dream.

The day ended with a talent night that was absolutely hilarious! Make sure and ask your camper about what happened!
Word on the street is that we will be having a surprise guest on Friday......
More great times to come tommorow with a special guest that specializes in Diabetes and intense exercise, should be some great stuff and very educational!
Hope you are having a great week, I know we are too!

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