March: Who's in Control of Your Diabetes?

The Chris Dudley Foundation interviews teen Ben Paul after his successful descent into the Grand Canyon in 2009. Learn about how he was in control of his diabetes during this adventure:

March - Who's in Control of Your Diabetes?

What does it mean to be "in control" of your diabetes? It may mean taking proactive steps to be in control of your overall health; it may also mean having a sense of control over your attitude about diabetes. Sometimes one of the best things we can do to feel "in control" of something is to reflect on our personal attitude - are there positive steps we can take to make life more enjoyable? One positive step may be making sure to plan something fun into your schedule (see story below).

Here at the Chris Dudley Foundation, we get lots of stories from kids who have diabetes - they inspire us because they are choosing their attitude - the things they choose to do make their life enjoyable, fulfilling and very meaningful! They live full, active lives and when they hit an obstacle, they figure out a way around it. We want to share these stories with you and hope they help inspire you to live active as well!

Girls' Dudley Camp Reunion
Melissa, Kelsey and Megan live active lives! They met at Chris Dudley basketball camp and became fast friends. They choose positive things for their lives, including planning a fun weekend reunion in Seattle. Melissa's Mom says, "The Seattle sisters are like triplets and never would have met if it weren't for camp!"
Melissa, Kelsey & Megan in Seattle

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