Today we had an amazing opportunity to listen and learn from the legendary basketball coach Herb Brown. He is currently the assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats with his brother Head Coach, Larry Brown. Herb has also served as an assistant coach for several teams, including the Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, and Atlanta Hawks. He talked and showed us about the importance of defensive positioning and how he teaches the same things at the high school level as he does in the NBA. NBC - KGW network was out at camp to capture & share a day at Dudley Camp for kids with diabetes. Check out the footage!

During free time, we held a beach volleyball tournament in which “Team Awesome” edged out “The Sand Crabs” in the championship 21-17. We also had the infamous Slip n Slide making its debut, all campers and staff are looking forward to tomorrow at free time. Ben Rue led the counselors to a back to back victory in pass tag twice. In one of the most intense matches CDBC has ever seen, Rue took down 20 or more campers in ball tag with the help of Jordan Kono.
Kari Burn’s and her band were gracious to come and hang out with the campers and play some country music for all of us. We danced to tunes like Sweet Home Alabama. Grady Kestler a staff member played the violin and David Schafer (T-1000) played the drums.
Kari Burns is one of 17 members of the band.
T1000 jamming with the band!

Grady performing with the band.

We have some incredible talented kids! They are amazing!

Tomorrow is another exciting day at Dudley Camp……stay tuned!!

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