Camp, Day Three

Day three, Tuesday.
The morning greeted campers and staff with low clouds and cool temperatures once again. This did not last long, and a hot, breezy day has ensued. There are some sore muscles and a few turned ankles, but this camp seems to be filled smiles, laughs, and mutual respect between each camper. Team are now into their short season, and the atmosphere has begun to get very competitive. Campers have had a blast working in stations, playing games, and working on individual fundamentals of the game. Free time today consisted of tie dying T-shirts and an all-inclusive volleyball tournament. Today's volleyball games consisted of pool play, and the bracket for tomorrow's single loss elimination tournament has been created. Blood sugars and camper health still remain a priority for all staff here at the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp. We are having a blast, and will keep you updated with new events as they unfold.

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Camp Staff


Dudley Camp Day Two

Monday, Day Two

This morning started out very cool, foggy, and the feeling of a late September morning. After wiping the sleep out of their eyes, each camper was eager to start the day. Some fun games of BUMP and TIPS occurred before breakfast test and shots. Breakfast consisted of cereal, oatmeal, and some great tasting muffins. After breakfast was finished the campers participated in stations where the fundamentals of basketball were specifically reviewed and then practiced with instructional assessment and assistance.
Teams were then created and "game time" had officially started. At 11:10AM, the sun broke out of the clouds, making staff and campers pleasantly surprised. Free time from 2:30-4:30PM gave each camper the option to swim, shoot hoops, ride the slip and slide, and catch up on their text messaging. Mr. Chris Dudley himself has been present today, he even found time to make a few trips down the slip and slide. All is well at camp, and we look forward to creating some more great memories.

More soon!

Chris Dudley Camp Staff


Camp, Day One

Dudley Camp Day One,

As parents came to drop off their loved ones, staff eagerly awaited their arrivals. With a large number of new campers, the excitement of camp was in the air. It didn’t take long for old friends to become quickly acquainted. After each camper was processed and checked-in, some structured games and basketball related activities were offered. Dinner for night one consisted of hamburgers, French fries, potato salad, and a low sugar (of course) ice-cream bar, which the campers quickly devoured.
With the change of schedule and high level of activity, there have been many low sugar readings this afternoon and evening. Something that the wonderful staff here at camp are prepared to quickly handle. Have a great night and expect more to come tomorrow.

When T1000 (David Schafer) was asked about his first day he replied, “Today started out rough with a painful finger jam, but I am looking forward to the rest of camp”.

Goodnight from Cedar Ridge,

Dudley Camp Staff