Camp, Day One

Dudley Camp Day One,

As parents came to drop off their loved ones, staff eagerly awaited their arrivals. With a large number of new campers, the excitement of camp was in the air. It didn’t take long for old friends to become quickly acquainted. After each camper was processed and checked-in, some structured games and basketball related activities were offered. Dinner for night one consisted of hamburgers, French fries, potato salad, and a low sugar (of course) ice-cream bar, which the campers quickly devoured.
With the change of schedule and high level of activity, there have been many low sugar readings this afternoon and evening. Something that the wonderful staff here at camp are prepared to quickly handle. Have a great night and expect more to come tomorrow.

When T1000 (David Schafer) was asked about his first day he replied, “Today started out rough with a painful finger jam, but I am looking forward to the rest of camp”.

Goodnight from Cedar Ridge,

Dudley Camp Staff

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  1. Have Fun campers. Thank you for making friends, learning how to play the game of life with diabetes, and most of all..for blessing us with your greatness! You are in are prayers!