Good, Clean Fun: A Car Wash Fundraiser

Giving back to a cause you believe in: it's rewarding and important work, but it can be alot of fun too!

Check out this great example of how you and your friends can directly help kids who have diabetes:

On March 17, 2010, Micaela, an 8-year camper of the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp, held a car wash as part of her Senior Project. Her goal was to raise money to send a child to the Camp so they could have the same awesome experience she had each year while at camp. She organized a group of volunteers, made signs, and got all the supplies needed for the car wash. Although the weather was not ideal for a car wash, it turned out to be a huge success ... Micaela raised $500! Thank you, Micaela and friends for all your hard work in organizing this event; you did a great job!

Contact us at: http://www.chrisdudley.org/ for more ideas on hosting your own fundraiser.

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  1. It was a good job done by the children. The main purpose of this camp is helping to the people who are suffering from the diabetes. It is a great example of how helps kids who have diabetes.

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