April: Diabetes Happens

This month we want to to give a huge thank you to our friends at Diabetes Happens! Over the years, they have sponsored many campers, making it possible for kids with diabetes to attend our camp regardless of financial ability. Tyler Byrne and Mike Farrell, inspired by their experiences at the Chris Dudley Camp, co-founded the Diabetes Happens organization. They were campers for many years, and now are giving back in a big way to young people with diabetes.
"We're promoting a proactive, positive outlook on life with diabetes. We encourage everyone to not let diabetes hold them back. We believe you can get to a point where you can decide to be comfortable with the condition.
But you have to make the decision yourself - diabetes happens and I'm okay with it." -Tyler Byrne

Tyler Byrne & Ben Rue

Check out their website for a positive look at life with diabetes: http://www.diabeteshappens.com/DH/news.html

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